Popular Cuts For The Stone In Your Wedding Ring

The cut of the stone in a ring plays a very important role in a wedding band. Different types of cuts have different sparkles. It is essential that you know because it will help you when you are purchasing wedding bands. Some famous stores like have rings with different stones and different cuts. In this article, we will see the different types of cuts for the stone in your wedding band.

Round Cut

The round cut is the most popular and the most common cut. You might have seen that more than have of the married people will be wearing round cut rings. Going for a round cut will be very apt because it will suit all kinds of rings and it will definitely give a good look to the ring. The reflection of the round cut will be very strong and bright.

Princess cut

If you think that your better half deserves a princess cut go for it. Princess cut is also one of the most preferred cuts. The princess cut is either square or rectangle. If people are not going for a round cut, their next choice will be the princess cut. A princess cut ring is definitely versatile and can go well with all kinds of skin tone.

Cushion cut

The cushion cut is also referred to as the pillow cut. The cushion cut has a square cut stone and has rounded corners. If it is cut properly and placed in the appropriate ring, the stone’s brilliance will be very much evident.

Emerald Cut

In emerald cut, the stone will have a rectangular cut with the cropped corners. Emerald cut stones is considered to be very artistic. It has an understated sparkle, and the angular lines formed by the cut delivers the clarity of the stone. People usually get confused between emerald cut and baguette cut. Both the cuts are almost the same, and hence baguette cut is called the cousin of the emerald cut.

Marquise Cut

Marquise Cut is also called the Navette cut. The cut has curved edges and pointed ends. The shape looks more like American football. The distinct shape creates illusions of various types. Marquise Cut renders a royal look and looks the best with a platinum ring.

Oval cut

As the name states, the oval cut looks like the cut of the elongated circle. The oval cut shape looks more like the round cut stone. It is very common among sophisticated brides. The main reason is that the oval cut has the capacity to sparkle and reflect light.

Radiant Cut

The reason why this got the name radiant is that it is capable of capturing light and reflecting it back. The shape looks more like the emerald cut, but the extra sparkle is because of the facets. If you are a person who loves to draw all the attention through what you are wearing in your finger, the radiant cut is the ideal choice for you.

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