FeaturedWhy do people wear jewellery?

People wear and have been wearing jewellery for thousands and thousands of years now. The first emergence of jewellery can actually be dated back to over 80, 000 years ago. Over time, the type of jewellery people wear has advanced and changed from animal hides, reeds, bones, pebbles and feathers among other decorated artifacts to silver, diamond and gold earrings, nose rings, chains, and necklaces. Modern jewellery also features well-crafted and uniquely designed pieces of jewellery that go for surprisingly high rates. When it comes to jewellery people have a separate place in their for specific ones like custom jewellery by Elegant Gems.  Well, the most basic and common reason as to why people wear jewellery is a simple fact that they like it. They feel more beautiful or handsome in the said jewellery. As much as this is true, there are very many reasons as to why people wear jewellery. Jewellery worn by some folks has more to it than a common beauty wear. So, some of the main reasons why people wear jewellery include the following:


I.A self-reminder of a past idea or event

One of the main reasons why people wear jewellery is to keep reminding themselves of an important idea or event in their past. This could be a beautiful, happy and positive reminder that one holds dear to them. Say a neck-chain or ring given to a woman by his lover. On the other hand, other people wear jewellery that reminds them of bitter past experiences and mistakes. In both cases, the jewellery has very great significance to the wearing party

.  II.Expression and communication of one’s personal values and beliefs

Another common reason behind the wearing of jewellery is to represent or communicate one’s personal values and beliefs. Some individuals believe in protection charms and crafts. An example of such a case is some wearing marked pieces of jewellery that represents their cultural beliefs. Take a Christian for example, some wear silver, diamond and gold cross pendants and necklaces; the cross is significant to their faith. Other cults and traditions have some wearing jewellery as they believe they can harness protection power and energy from the latter.


III.To define, or rather up one’s sense of fashion

The way people dress has changed and advanced very quickly over the past few years. Modern dressing trends and fashion include wearing jewellery. Choosing the right kind of jewellery could really add confidence to an individual. Not only does it add confidence, but it also brings out an individual’s sense of fashion. You get to create your own fashion statement. The thrill and excitement accompanied with this endeavors are among the reasons folks love wearing jewellery.

IV.Wearing jewellery to appeal and demand attention from another party

Jewellery can be termed as one of the most common social needs. People seeking romantic relationships use jewellery to appeal and attract their potential lovers and mates. Putting on these pieces definitely attracts attention to you. Necklaces focus attention to the neck and other parts around the same. All jewellery you wear will almost definitely attract attention to the parts of your body around them.   Summary  As mentioned before, everyone has their own reason for wearing the jewellery they have on. These reasons do vary from physical, mental and social. Either way, keep in mind that each piece of jewellery on anyone has its own significance.

FeaturedHow to shoot a good picture

A picture is considered to be the beauty of every movement that is captured in a particular frame for us to relish and enjoy the beauty of the specific action as it brings back a lot of memories. When a picture is captured in the right manner, it adds a new emotion to the picture, and it influences us and helps us to come up with something creative on our own.  Setting aside all the rules that govern the art of taking photos it is on the base the ability that one has in capturing the emotion or the essence of that particular movement without any distractions that could stair it way for them the essence of the picture this is the basic essence of taking pictures.

Here are a few pointers that you can use to have amazing pictures and capture the beauty of the movement at its best.


Look into the eye.

This rule does not apply to candid pictures where you are taking pictures without the subject looking at you. When you are clicking a picture, it is essential that your subject is looking at you and you are not focusing the camera elsewhere away from the subject this is one of the essential steps to be followed to get good pictures. When you capture the subject in the eye the emotion that the subject is conveying is completely caught in the frame.

Plain is the best.

Using a plain background always the best choice to get a good picture or to capture the image at its best, But if you are in an outdoor surrounding you can get a spot that does not have any background distractions or at the least try to get a place where there are no distracting colors or distracting movements in the background this will serve as a great background for the picture.

Use the flash and take close-ups.

These are the two best things that you can do to take the beauty of the picture notches up, When you take a picture during the mid-noon when the sun is at its peak, and the subject becomes a silhouette, this is the time that you will have to make use of a flash as it will shed light on the subject and will help you to capture the beauty of the picture in the perfect manner. Also when your subject is focused towards you, it is always better to have a close-up rather than have a long or mid shot where the emotion conveyed by the user will be missed, and other feathers in the frame will distract the view of the picture to other distracting factors in the frame.

Go vertical on some pictures.

This is one of the techniques that you can use to shoot mountaintop sceneries to have an amazing picture, most of the time mountaintop picture is take in the vertical mode as it shows the feature of the height of the mountain.

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